The Children of the Setting Sun Productions Inc., is dedicated to marketing Native American themed performance arts, as well as making the culture & the history of Native American people accessible. Drawing upon long family traditions, Children of the Setting Sun Productions Inc., is a multi-media, film, and theater arts production company specializing in Coast Salish storytelling. 

The Children of the Setting Sun Productions Inc., follows the Lummi Family tradition of Native Storytelling. By utilizing both traditional and modern art mediums, Setting Sun embraces the instructions left by the great grandfather to keep the family culture alive.


"Keep My Fires Burning!"

In the 1930’s my Great Grandfather, Frank Hillaire, formed a Lummi song and dance troupe named, “Children of the Setting Sun.” Before passing, my great grandfather left these instructions to his descendants, “Keep My Fires Burning!” As my grandparents and parents before me, we continue to follow these instructions.



Our Team

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Darrell Hillaire

Executive Director

Founder, Network Leadership, Project Development

Email: dhillaire@settingsunproductions.org

Telephone: 360.410.1695

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Beau Garreau

Creative Director

Visual Rhetoric, Photo & Video Content

Email: beau@settingsunproductions.org

Telephone: 360.594.8493

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Natasha Hart Frey

MEd, Principal

Setting Sun Institute, Project Manager, Writing

Email: natasha@settingsunproductions.org

Telephone: 360.393.2383



Our Board

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