Beginnings {Audiobook}

by Patrick J. Twohy

A Meditation on Coast Salish Lifeways

"This book is meant to be a small part of the work of so many men and women of Coast Salish heritage to acknowledge, recvoer, affirm, and pass on what James Rosario of Lummi has so wonderfully named 'a culture of gratitude.'" --Patrick J. Twohy

"The book, Beginnings, is something all Coast Salish People can be proud of because it marks this time as a time when we can say that we made it! We survived! We can and we will heal as a People. Our teachings come from the same place of love as the Christian teachings. It's our job to walk with one another." --Darrell Hillaire [Tse-sum-ten]

James "Smitty" Hillaire
Lutie Hillaire
Darrell Hillaire
Mary Helen Cagey
Tom Family

Student Voices:
Darick Lane Jr.
Michelle Polasky
Marcos Bourassa
Shawn Diggs
Ceci Waskey
Samantha Wilson
Terry Terry
Denise Charlie Singers

We want to thank our beloved Elders, Singers, and Readers who brought life to the words presented here in honor of this sacred lifeway.

Recorded at Binary Recording Studio
Production - Carnelian Agency