This historical stage-play takes you back to the time of the signing of the Point Elliot Treaty of 1855, where members of the Lummi Nation Indian Tribe travaled (by canoe) to Mukilteo to meet with Washington Territory Governor, Isaac Stevens. "What About Those Promises?" recognizes tribal efforts to continue a relationship with the United States government from Treaty signing to present day. However, issues of sovereignty, jurisdiction and land claims have been overlooked for generations.This story has been passed down from our Elders so that we may never forget the broken promises...

Trailer of the stage play "What About Those Promises?" a performance about the Treaty of Point Elliott 1855, Lummi Nation.


A play by Darrell Hillaire revealing the injustices experienced by the Lummi people in direct response to the Treaty of 1855. It asks "What about those promises?" made by the US government to a people still struggling to exist in a way consistent with the beauty of their ancestors. Original song "Native Soul" by the Jefferson Girls. Introduction by Ramona Morris accompanied by the late Billy Frank.

Tom Sampson shares the Creation Story with 800 people at the 'What About Those Promises?' stage play premier on Saturday, June 1st, 2013, Bellingham HS Auditorium. Directed by: Dennis Catrell Produced by: Darrell Hillaire

Writer and producer Darrell Hillaire talks about his play 'What About Those Promises?'