The Children of the Setting Sun Productions 501(c)(3) enlivens the rich history, legacies, stories & historical traditions of the Salish people. We endeavor to create understanding & change perceptions across cultural differences, share history, and educate others.


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The Children of the Setting Sun Productions, is dedicated to marketing Native American themed performance arts, as well as making the culture & the history of Native American people accessible. Drawing upon long family traditions, Children of the Setting Sun Productions, is a multi-media, film, and theater arts production company specializing in Coast Salish storytelling.

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Women of Journeys

Finding Our Medicine

7:00-10:00pm on Oct. 29th


Salmon People

12:00-3:00pm on Oct. 30th


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Friends & Relatives Radio Podcast

Welcome to the Friends and Relatives radio hour where we share our ideas, history, language, music and events from the heart of the Coast Salish Homeland. We welcome our friends and relatives from every part of the Coast Salish Homeland to be part of our one-hour program where we seek to Create, Share and Educate one another. 


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The Children of the Setting Sun Productions, would like you to check out what we are currently working on & what we have shared throughout our community. Being part of the Puget Sound, we get to share with you our beautiful work & Native perspective.


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Children of the Setting Sun Productions Executive Director and Founder Darrell Hillaire stands outside the Setting Sun Dance Festival at Whatcom Community College on March 15. Photo by Hailey Hoffman.


Keeping the Fires Burning

How Darrell Hillaire keeps his great-grandfather’s Native American cultural practices alive.

A line of photos are illuminated on amber-hued walls as the sun creeps through the blinds. The photos tell the story of The Children of the Setting Sun Productions — everything from canoe racing to live performances. Executive Director and Founder Darrell Hillaire sits beneath the pictures, working on his next idea.

The name, Children of the Setting Sun, dates back to the 1930s when Darrell’s great-grandfather formed a song and dance troupe with the same name. When Darrell’s great-grandfather was alive, he got involved in politics by appealing the government to regain control of their land. His great-grandfather’s final message before passing was to “keep the fires burning.”

In the 1930’s my Great Grandfather, Frank Hillaire formed a Lummi song and dance troupe named, “Children of the Setting Sun.” Before passing, my great grandfather left these instructions to his descendants, “Keep My Fires Burning!” As my grandparents and parents before me, we continue to follow these instructions.
— Darrell Hillaire