The Children of the Setting Sun Productions Inc., enlivens the rich history, legacies, stories & historical traditions of the Salish people. We endeavor to create understanding & change perceptions across cultural differences, share history, and educate others


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The Children of the Setting Sun Productions, is dedicated to marketing Native American themed performance arts, as well as making the culture & the history of Native American people accessible. Drawing upon long family traditions, Children of the Setting Sun Productions, is a multi-media, film, and theater arts production company specializing in Coast Salish storytelling. 


Saturday, Jan 20th :Treaty Day Film Festival

Location: The Pickford Film Center  

Children of the Setting Sun Productions along with The Pickford Film Center invite you to come out in honor of the Point Elliott Treaty of 1855. This marks the 3rd Annual Treaty Day Film Festival for CSSP. We appreciated everyone who came out last year and joined us for the day full of Native Storytelling. We would love to share that same experience with you again. This year we concentrated on picking films that have some relevance to the climate happening within Indian Country. So we chose films and documentaries that related to Indigenous women, sports, and resilience. The list will be posted as they come in! So stay tuned. We can not wait to fellowship with all our friends and relatives.

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 Photo Credit: Beau Garreau

Photo Credit: Beau Garreau


Native Fishers Larry & Ellie Kinley response to the Atlantic salmon spill


Lummi Nation declares

State of Emergency 

 On  Saturday,  August  19,  2017,  the  Washington  State  Department  of  Fish  and  Wildlife  (WDFW) were  informed  of  a catastrophic  net  pen  failure  that  has  resulted  in  the  release  of  thousands  of Atlantic  salmon,  an  invasive  aquatic  species.    This  devastating  Atlantic  salmon  spill  occurred  at Cooke  Aquaculture’s  Cypress  Island  facility.    The  Atlantic  salmon  spill  has  the potential  to devastate native salmon stocks critical to the culture and the economy of the Lummi Nation.  The Lummi  Indian  Business  Council  (LIBC)  learned  of  the  spill  on  Monday,  August  21,  2017,  from our fishermen, and is directing all relevant departmentheads to take immediate action in an effort to  protect  native  fish  species.    Specifically,  the  LIBC  is  directing  the  General  Manager’s  (GMs) Office to work with the LIBC Treasurer, our Natural Resources Department, and our Fisheries and Natural Resources Commission to minimize the threat posed by these non-native fish

Canadian Relatives

Take A Stand Against Fish Farm


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As we embark on our journey to bring the Indigenous Perspective to the forefront

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Friends & Relatives      Radio Hour


Welcome to the Friends and Relatives radio hour where we share our ideas, history, language, music and events from the heart of the Coast Salish Homeland. We welcome our friends and relatives from every part of the Coast Salish Homeland to be part of our one-hour program where we seek to Create, Share and Educate one another. 


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The Children of the Setting Sun Productions, would like you to check out what we are currently working on & what we have shared throughout our community. Being part of the Puget Sound, we get to share with you our beautiful work & Native perspective.


Bellingham Voices

Marie from Bellingham Voices gets a chance to chat with Darrell Hillaire of Lummi Nation. Hillaire shares his mission of supporting youth and culture with the Lummi Youth Academy, among several other stories, experiences, and philosophies.


Standing Rock: Lummi Nation Visits Sacred Stone Camp 

Pride comes from taking on the toughest issues and not giving up.
— Darrell Hillaire

In the 1930’s my Great Grandfather, Frank Hillaire formed a Lummi song and dance troupe named, “Children of the Setting Sun.” Before passing, my great grandfather left these instructions to his descendants, “Keep My Fires Burning!” As my grandparents and parents before me, we continue to follow these instructions.
— Darrell Hillaire