Ep.008 | Rez Music from the 60's & 70's

In this episode, We go through the ages of the 60's & 70's of what was going on around the Lummi Rez with our Host Darrell Hillaire & his guest Robert Muzzy. They talk about music and what was happening around them during the release of these songs. This is a fun episode full of great hits, so make sure you turn up your volume while listening to this one!

We hope you enjoy! we had a lot of fun memories we wanted to show. & remember don't forget to Share, LIKE, & comment we would love to hear from you!


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Ep.007 | Womens March

In this episode of Friends & Relatives, we gather a group of women together to talk about the current situation that has come up in today's mainstream discussion. We gather opinions from the youngest of our guests as well as the knowledge of the oldest. We hope that you enjoy the cross spectrum of views that we were able to gather from these wonderful women :) 

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Dana Wilson, Lummi Tribal Member, will speak about the changes he has seen in the Salish Sea where he has fished over the last 45 years. In his youth, Dana Wilson began fishing the Salish Sea with his father, Jimmy Wilson and carries on family traditions by serving as a Lummi Fish Commissioner. He is also an Intervener on the Kinder Morgan pipeline and has testified on behalf of the Lummi Nation and the Salish Sea to the National Energy Board. Dana will speak about the changes of the Salish Sea through the lens of someone who has spent a lifetime on its water. In addition, he will remark on what he considers high priority research needs.

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Ep.003 | Interview with Dr. Dakotah Lane

Today on Friends & Relatives Radio hour, we have a special guest for Lummi Nation. Doctor Dakotah Lane who is a physician at Lummi Nation's Indian hospital comes on and shares the wonderful work that they are working on. He also gives us a little bit of his background of becoming a Doctor for his people. 

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