Setting Sun Productions presents Sonny Sixkiller Buys the Washington Redskins.

The Theatre Production, “Sonny Sixkiller Buys the Washington Redskins,” is a comedic story with a serious punch line about the controversy around the Washington Redskins mascot. Sonny Sixkiller, an ex-star athlete at the University of Washington, convinces Native American leadership to buy the Washington Redskins from Dan Snyder, owner of the Redskins.

The story sheds light on Native American mascots and the history of ridiculing Native American symbolism after the near complete genocide of Native Americans by the Europeans. The youth involved with the production will receive an education on Native American people and their historical trauma.


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The youth from the Northwest Indian College and Lummi Youth Academy will be involved with all phases of the production from script writing, rehearsals, graphic art development, stage management, and promotions.

The youth, cast and crew, and the audience will share in the ideas of changing the name of the Washington Redskins. Conversations about genocide, trauma, racism will be chronicled and shared with the Lummi Indian Business Council, the Lummi Community and all other interested parties.

The cast and crew invite all attendees to join them for a post show discussion in the theatre.

"I am honored for my name to be attached to this play," said Sonny Sixkiller, a member of the Cherokee Nation and former quarterback for the University of Washington. "Although the play is an act of fiction with a lot of laughs, it also raises the very real issue of racism against Indians in a new and creative way."

In the play, the character of Sonny Sixkiller is a councilman for his tribe who convinces his council to pursue his dream to buy the Washington Redskins. Dan Snyder is the owner of the Washington Redskins and is coming under intense media pressure to change the name of the Washington Redskins. Snyder decides to sell the team for $1.7 Billion but insists that the name remains the same or, "No Deal."

Can Sonny and Dan agree to terms of the sale? How will Sonny come up with $1.7 Billion? Can Dan see Sonny's passion for changing the name of his team? Will there be real Indians on the team? The play asks these questions and more.   

Arlie Neskahie as Sonny Sixkiller
Robert Muzzy as Dan Snyder
Valerie Phair as the Grandmother
Eugene Harry 
Ray Thunderchild 

Produced by: Darrell Hillaire

Directed by: Dennis Catrell

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About the Playwright:
Darrell Hillaire is a tribal member of the Lummi Nation, the third largest tribe in Washington State, and the treasurer for the Lummi Indian Business Council. His previous works include "What about those promises?"a story of the Lummi way of life and the broken promises of the Treaty of Point Elliott signed in 1855 which sold out performances in Seattle and Bellingham.